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Leave Grants

Deutsche Leberstiftung Stipedium

The Deutsche Leberstiftung (German Liver Foundation) awards leave grants to support the initiation and planning of clinical studies or clinical projects (e.g. IITs, analysis plans of cohort studies, etc.) in the field of hepatology.
The grants are to be used to fund a leave for physicians for a maximum period of three months for planning the project or study.

Ideally, the project or study is to be planned in collaboration with established study units / structures.

A grant includes the assumption of a physician’s personnel expenses for a maximum period of three months. The maximum amount of funding for a grant recipient is € 20,000. A maximum of two grant recipients are funded per year. The grant is not transferable and has to be spent for the project stated in the application.

Upon completion of the grant, a final report must be submitted to the German Liver Foundation. Additionally, a list of expenditures must be provided.

The grant applications will be reviewed by an independent committee of experts. Its members are: Prof. Dr. Frank Lammert, Homburg/Saar; Prof. Dr. Christoph Sarrazin, Wiesbaden; Prof. Dr. Christoph Schramm, Hamburg.

The closing date for application is 1st October 2017 (postmark date or date of e-mail receipt applies).

The application including attachments can be sent by e-mail to,  Deutsche Leberstiftung (German Liver Foundation), attn. Bianka Wiebner, Carl-Neuberg-Straße 1, 30625 Hannover.  Click here for the application form and the call for proposals.

The grant recipients will be announced at the 34th Annual Meeting of the GASL in Hamburg (January 2018).


You can find our awardees from the recent years here.

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