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The German Liver Foundation

The German Liver Foundation concerns itself with all issues relating to that vital organ: the liver. The Kompetenznetz Hepatitis (Competence Network for Viral Hepatitis) was created in 2002, thanks in part to support from the State Ministry for Education and Research. It promotes nationwide research into hepatitis caused by viral infections. Possible treatments options and the information available are improved by collaborative work between experts and patients. The German Liver Foundation supports the Competence Network for Viral Hepatitis and its projects, including the HepNet Study House which carries out studies into the improvement of treatments for liver disease. Central tissue and serum banks also provide important data required for research into diseases. Furthermore, the German Liver Foundation brings together research bodies on topics such as genetics, immunology and virology. In addition, a nationwide society covering the subject of acute liver failure has also been established, where researchers amass data in order to be better able to treat this serious disease in the future.


Promotion of research

The German Liver Foundation promotes research into the liver and related diseases. Here the focus is primarily on the projects' infrastructure and coordination. In addition, the foundation also allocates individual grants. Aside from financial support the foundation also makes its contacts and scientific expertise available for use.


Research network

One of the foundation's areas of emphasis is to promote research into liver diseases through research networks. The ‘HepNet Journal’, published by the foundation, is released twice a year and covers liver research in its entirety.  The German Liver Foundation's ‘HepNet Symposium’ takes place every year. It provides researchers and doctors with a forum where they can discuss the latest research results and possible treatments relating to their field. 


Information and advice

The German Liver Foundation provides information about the liver and liver diseases through various publications. Among these are leaflets such as ‘Leber und Leberwerte’, ‘Leber und Fett’, ‘Leber und Alkohol, ‘Leber und Krebs’ and ‘Leber und Transplantation. Furthermore, the foundation provides a brochure entitled ‘Lebererkrankungen und Ernährung’, as well as leaflets and brochures about Hepatitis B and C (in German language). The leaflets ‘Hepatitis B’ and ‘Hepatitis C’ for those affected and their loved ones are currently available in 13 languages. Migrants from those countries where the infections are more prevalent, and who as a result are more likely to be directly affected, can therefore have all the relevant information in their native language

‘Das Leber-Buch’, published by the German Liver Foundation, provides a comprehensive and easy-to-understand guide to the function of the liver, possible diseases and treatments.


Telephone Consulations

During these hours our experts can answer all questions relating to liver disease (in German). Our phone lines are open from Monday to Thursday between 2 - 4pm; call +49 (0)1805-45 00 60 (€ 0,14 per min. on a German landline, max. € 0,42 per min. on a mobile).


Public Relations

Public awareness work is an important part of the German Liver Foundation's role in providing information about liver disease. Liver disease often goes unnoticed and as a result is left untreated, which in the worst case can lead to cirrhosis and cancer of the liver. It is vital to raise awareness of the different types of liver disease to prevent this occurring. The foundation, in collaboration with Deutsche Leberhilfe e. V. (German Liver Help Association) and Gastro-Liga e.V. (Gastro-Liga – a society which researches gastric, intestinal, liver and metabolic related conditions) hosts the yearly ‘German Liver Day’ on 20th November. On this day, recognised by every state in Germany, those who wish to can take the opportunity to inform themselves about liver disease. Network The German Liver Foundation has set up a steadily growing network of associated doctors, clinics, scientists, pharmacists and self-help groups throughout Germany. These associates set themselves apart by their own high level of expertise within the field of liver disease, but also make good use of the German Liver Foundation's resources. As a result patients can quickly and easily find a competent port of contact in their area.



The concept of networking is also evident in the foundation’s committee. Key societies within the field of liver research, University hospitals such as the Hannover Medical School and the Frankfurt am Main University hospital, as well as self-help groups were all involved in the establishing of the foundation. The founding donors are represented on the founders' panel; the German Liver Foundation’s supervisory board. Various firms also helped finance the foundation's establishment, all of which are represented on the board of trustees.



The work undertaken by the German Liver Foundation is funded by donations and yearly subscriptions from the associated doctors, clinics, researchers and pharmacists. In addition various firms get involved as ‘The German Liver Foundation's Partners’, and so contribute to the financing of the foundation's work. Make a contribution to help improve research into liver disease and medical care for patients. Help support the German Liver Foundation with a donation or an endowment! Whether it's a one-off or a regular donation to mark an anniversary or a birthday, or in somebody’s memory, we will use your donation or endowment on your behalf to help in the fight against liver disease. The tax on contributions to the German Liver Foundation can also be claimed back.


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A leaflet about the German Liver Foundation’s work can be found here

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