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DLS Charter


The German Liver Foundation’s objective is set out in the charter of 14 September 2006. (Section 2 – Foundation’s objective):

  1. The foundation’s objective is to promote science, research, education, information and public healthcare concerning liver disease.
  2. The determination of objectives can be fittingly summed up by the core principles of ‘research’, ‘transferral of knowledge’ and ‘public awareness,’ and is connected with the following aims based on the experience and results of the work of the Competence Network on Hepatitis’ work, to be implemented and realised by the German Liver Foundation:
    • Intensifying basic research, initiating clinical studies as well as their interconnection (biomaterial banks, data banks) and publication.
    • Improving public knowledge and increasing preventative measures in particular through vaccinations, the early identification of patients with liver diseases and improving the quality of healthcare.
    • The development and furnishing of a horizontal and vertical network for improving diagnostics and therapy for individual patients.
    • Obtaining knowledge and improving its transfer.

The entire charter can be found here in German.


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