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The Board of Directors

The board is the public face of the foundation. It manages the foundation’s assets and decides how its funds should be used. In addition the board supervises the management. The board members are to fulfil the funding donors’ wishes as effectively as possible in accordance with the charter. The German Liver Foundation’s board members are:


The Foundation Board


Stiftungsrat The Foundation Board counsels, supports and supervises the Board of Directors within the framework of the foundation’s charter. Its duties include the appointing and dismissing of board members and signing off on the accounts. The Foundation Board is entitled to submit proposals concerning the use of the foundation’s resources to the Board of Directors as long as they comply with the charter. In its capacity as advisor, the Foundation Board supports the Board of Directors in fulfilling the purpose of the foundation, especially as regards matters of principle, and guidelines for the foundation’s work. In doing so it is intended to help intensify the exchange of ideas and experiences between all medical disciplines with a connection to liver disease, as well as between civil and political groups, and drive public awareness about the necessity of research efforts and the improvement of possible treatments for liver disease. The members of the German Liver Foundation’s Foundation Board are:


Board of Trustees


Sitzung All founding donors have a place on the Board of Trustees, even if they are a member of a different committee. The Board of Trustees counsels and supports the Foundation Board. The specialist and social groups represented in the Board of Trustees are there to promote the foundation’s aims by exchanging ideas covering a range of fields and interests, and strengthening public knowledge about the wide range of liver diseases and the corresponding need for research to improve recovery rates. The Board of Trustees further supports the Foundation’s work by bringing them into contact with possible future donors. The members of the German Liver Foundation’s Board of Trustees are:

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